Alankari - Handmade Jewellery

The maiden idea of Alankari stemmed from the unique vision of a stylist, who found a keen sense of joy in the world of art and craft. Indian crafts have always been valued for the singular touch of artisans which render no two handcrafted pieces as identical. During her journey as a stylist, Mansi Shah encountered many occasions where photoshoot leftovers drove her to make something new and meaningful out of them, rather than letting them be wasted. She channeled her creative and artisanal skills within to make exquisite, up-cycled jewellery pieces which were thoroughly appreciated by her peers all around. 

Thus the journey of Alankari began in 2018. Growing organically. Adapting to the tide of the times and the preferences of modern women. Alankari has grown with a natural instinct, combining Indian culture and aesthetics with a global consciousness of environmental threats. Every year the trillion dollar fashion industry contributes to 10% of the world’s carbon footprint. So Alankari has walked away from mainstream fashion to take an alternate route, which makes optimal to no use of our limited earthly resources. 


Making beautiful, wearable art with complete handcrafting is the core essence of Alankari. Over the years we promise to continue enriching your jewellery and lifestyle curation with singularly crafted statement pieces.

Mansi shah

I’m Mansi Shah, a stylist-turned-designer and a fashion enthusiast whose passions lie rooted to the Indian culture. An alumnus of Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Women’s University, I started pursuing my creative call early in 2015. Ever since then, I’ve found myself enthralled everyday by the fathomless possibilities that the fashion world has to offer. But the greatest relief came with the thought that fashion could manifest its brilliance without cruelty to the environment. So that’s the path that my heart has decided to follow.

From boho chic to vintage goth, there’s not a single genre of fashion that the Indian folk art and craft has not touched. My true joy lies in pushing the boundaries of the versatile Indian craftsmanship to achieve fresh perspectives in the wonder world of jewellery and lifestyle design.

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